Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Somedays you just have a bad run...

Sometimes...you just have a bad run. it's just how it is! Not every time you step outside to do a run can you feel 100%...this was me on Saturday.

I had two great training runs this past week with great temps, good attitudes, and just an overall good mood. I was really hoping to get a  long run of 6 miles in on Saturday...but it didn't turn out how I expected...and that's OK! I used to get down on myself when I didn't meet my goal, or I didn't perform how I pictured myself. But now, I have realized, it's OK. Sometimes you won't get in the groove, feel the runners high...sometimes it just is what it is.

Saturday's run didn't start out well either...i took a pretty nasty tumble at the very beginning of the run. Ended up scraping my knee and elbow pretty badly, not to mention my running pants got a hole in them :(       Luckily Gus was with me and helped pull me up...literally.

I don't know what was wrong with me on Saturday. It took a lot of energy if felt to just run a few miles and I didn't really get in the groove... if you know what i mean. I tried to push through it though and made it 5.5 miles...and i'm proud i stuck with it!

Another goal was met this weekend...I offically lost 3 more lbs since I weighed last!! ( about 2 weeks ago!) so I am halfway to my goal of losing 10 lbs my Christmas! WOOO HOO!! I can't tell you how excited this made me. Hopefully I'll be able to use a little self control over Thanksgiving and not over indulge tooo much. I still plan to run when I'm home, hopefully finding a few nice paths to do a couple of longs runs on!

Hope everything has a great Thanksgiving with their families and loved ones!

P.S....I already have my tree up so when I come back to Nash, my house is already for Christmas :) :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

night running

There is just something so freeing about running at night. night meaning 6:30 :(

Last night it took a while for me to get motivated to go. it was dark and cold, and i just felt like getting in my pjs and staying in. butttt i went out.

once i get going in the dark, i LOVE it. its just the first step, getting out of the door that's the hardest. esp when its just me. I've added this product to my Christmas list to be included for my night running wardrobe.

Brooks Women's Nightlife Essential LS 1/2 Zip

Anyone have it? Or have something better? Just looking for a reflective jacket to wear in those dark cold winter runs.

I also really want these...for my running dog Gus :)

Reflective Dog Vest

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

quick office workouts

This week I have been trying very hard to get up and MOVE at work. If you are like me, you spend most of your day sitting down in front of the computer. If you think about it, most of us don't MOVE more than a couple hours a day after we get off work. So, I'm making a conscious effort to squeeze in a little movement during the day to keep my blood pumpin'.

i found this great site yesterday when googling office workouts.

short office workouts

it's quite simple to do these little exercises during the day and some of them are challenging! I think combining these short little quickies plus doing my daily run or training will help create some movement for me during the day.

check out a few of my favorites.

5.Bottom Line Lifters

  • lift one glute up and almost off the chair.
  • Perform in a side-to-side rocking motion for 30 seconds.
  • Next, squeeze your gluteus muscles.
  • Hold for ten seconds.
  • Release.
Although originally intended for dancers, arabesque circle exercises performed while you are talking on the phone can be an effective glute and hamstring toner. This is best performed if you have a private office.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Shift weight to left leg.
  • Lift right leg behind you.
  • Hold on to your desk or chair for balance.
  • Slowly circle your left leg clockwise 25 times and counter-clockwise 25 times.
  • Switch legs.

3: Conference Table Toners

  • first try to lift the table.
  • Put your hand under the table.
  • Press up against the table.
  • Continue until your muscles are tired.
  • Do this one hand at a time or both together.
Next, push the table into the floor.
  • Put hand on table, palm down.
  • Press down as strongly as you can.
  • Stop when your muscles are tired.
  • You can do this one hand at a time or both together if it looks more natural.

However...please don't let be like this guy.

Monday, October 21, 2013

anddd we begin again...

Today is the day. the day the training for the LR Half Marathon finally begins. I've been using a pre-training schedule just to become active again, but today is the 1st week of "official" training if you will :) hoping for a good short run tonight and hoping I can have a successful training period.

One thing that has really been a struggle for me in the last year is weight gain. I'm being completely and utterly transparent about this struggle on this blog, and i think others should not feel ashamed either. it's a very common issue with women ( and men!). it's hard. it's not fun. it sucks. end of story. butttt we do it to feel better in our clothes, feel healthy, and lead full lives.
 Please don't get me wrong is saying I think I am obsessive over my weight, but I know I need to lose at least 20 lbs to be at a healthy weight for my 5'0  ft. frame. and let me tell you, for a girl of my build and height, losing 5 lbs is a struggle, so losing 20 lbs. is going to be 10x that. but i can do it.

I'm not into fad diets. so please don't tell me about the latest and greatest new way to lose weight. I'm not interested :) I've got my own plan and know ( and learning) what works for me. it's def. a lifestyle change and learning to live and work and play all with making good choices.  would love for your support, but not your input :)

I'm incorporating my running into my daily exercise routine. along with walking the dog, getting up from my desk every hour, and yoga and cross-training of course. I'm going to try to do a better job in balancing it all. it's hard! I know there are tons of you who struggle with the same. Taking care of your family, having multiple jobs, traveling for work, going to school, and still exercising. so, i know if you can do it....i can as well.

in other news...fall is officially here in Nashville. My FAVORITE time of year to run and exercise. i love LOVE the cool air and breeze that comes with it. anddd pumpkins! here's a little snap of my cute front porch.

                                                               Happy Fall Y'all!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

yoga wednesdays and dark runs.

I have been doing yoga off and on since i was about 14! ( yes, my mom drove me and picked me up, so what?) and i have always viewed yoga as a great stress reliever and an opportunity for much needed stretching. I'm not very persistent on stretching before/after runs or even in general, so yoga allows me to focus on spending a whole of doing just that!

There are many different types and practices of yoga, however I have really enjoyed Vinyasa Yoga, more commonly known as flow or power yoga. It is a little faster moving sequence than your normal yoga class. I absolutely LOVE my yoga teacher as well....she really understands that everyone's needs are different in the class, everyone's levels are different, and that's O.K. she also focuses a lot on breathing, which is so important for any type of exercise that you may be involved in.  she also plays really cool and unique music.

Last night Rachel, my running buddy, and I ventured out into the dark to run. we both have really busy schedules, so by the time we are ready to exercise it is normally dark. --side note---can't wait for daylight savings time!!--

i know, i know, "running in the dark is not safe". :you are going to get run over by a car". "someone is going to snatch you!" i know all these things exist, so i try to do my best to be as visually as possible during these dark runs.

this is the result. headlamp + reflector vest + glow garmin watch + plus iphone + running buddy= safe jordan.

do you think i could have run with anymore things connected on me? 

Friday, September 13, 2013

6 weeks and going strong into Fall.

guys...fall is COMING. This morning when i stepped outside, i could just smell the fall air and got excited.

I got excited for many reasons: football, chili, running in long sleeves, hot coffee drinks, snuggling in blankets, etc. I was so giddy.  I've been doing a fairly good job keeping up with my pre-training for the next half. Doing the best I can with busy schedules, rain, social activities :)

I've been pretty pleased this week, logging in 6 days of workouts and 7 miles total. Seems like such a small number in comparison to what I will be running in just a few weeks, but every milestone you have to celebrate! :)

This week I was able to run with my sweet friend Rachel. She was the 1st person i ever ran 20 min straight with! It was when I was just a BABY runner, learning and training to run my first 5k. it's amazing to see how we have grown and changed since then. Rachel has always loved running, and i'm amazed that she can run without an ipod or any music. auh-mazed. I have to have some music or i wouldn't make it. It's been really nice running with her and we plan to have many more runs in the future :)

last night, i ran with my dog running buddy, Gus. He logged in his longest run to date-- 2 miles! i really think he could have gone on a longer run because he was so hyped up even after the run. I can't wait to see how far he can go! he loves it. i love it too...as long as he doesn't try to lick ever person we run by.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

struggles in the mornings

Why is it SO incredible hard for me to get up and do my run in the morning? is it just me?? because on my way to work every morning i see all the other runners getting up and doing their run, why can't I?

I'm fine with getting up early, but i guess running first thing in the morning is just not very appealing to me.
however, with my very busy social schedule i'm going to HAVE to start running in the mornings. Also day light's savings time about to end, and there goes my evening sun  :(

well this week, i DID get up 1 morning and run. and it was def. worth it. it was cooler, i got it knocked out of the way, and i felt great afterwards. but i know this habit won't last.

oh well. i'll keep trying until it becomes habit...that's how it works right?