Friday, September 13, 2013

6 weeks and going strong into Fall.

guys...fall is COMING. This morning when i stepped outside, i could just smell the fall air and got excited.

I got excited for many reasons: football, chili, running in long sleeves, hot coffee drinks, snuggling in blankets, etc. I was so giddy.  I've been doing a fairly good job keeping up with my pre-training for the next half. Doing the best I can with busy schedules, rain, social activities :)

I've been pretty pleased this week, logging in 6 days of workouts and 7 miles total. Seems like such a small number in comparison to what I will be running in just a few weeks, but every milestone you have to celebrate! :)

This week I was able to run with my sweet friend Rachel. She was the 1st person i ever ran 20 min straight with! It was when I was just a BABY runner, learning and training to run my first 5k. it's amazing to see how we have grown and changed since then. Rachel has always loved running, and i'm amazed that she can run without an ipod or any music. auh-mazed. I have to have some music or i wouldn't make it. It's been really nice running with her and we plan to have many more runs in the future :)

last night, i ran with my dog running buddy, Gus. He logged in his longest run to date-- 2 miles! i really think he could have gone on a longer run because he was so hyped up even after the run. I can't wait to see how far he can go! he loves it. i love it long as he doesn't try to lick ever person we run by.

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