Monday, November 12, 2012

...still here!

Guys...I'm still alive and kickin, or i mean running?? I've just been a bad blogger and either 1. don't feel like writing at the end of the day or 2. don't have time to write...butttt i still am running!

Last weekend I took a little trip up to the windy city...Chicago! I signed up for the Hot Chocolate Run 15k bcak in the spring/summer of this year. I was able to have some great quality time with my friend Melissa and before she gets married next month and get a little race in :) Melly was such a trooper for going to the race expo, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to drive me into the city, and  standing out in the freezing cold cheering me on during the race. TRUE friend and supporter right there!!

The race was SUPER fun. over 40,000 people! Most of the runners did the 5k, but i'm very happy I stuck with the 15k because it was very do-able...esp. since i have not been training very much. but it was just like getting back on a bike again. and the best HILLS. I will now run only run races in the Midwest  thank you very much :)

I was expecting a bigger chocolate fondue fest at the end though...we only got 2 apple slices, 3 pretzels, and a banana and  no seconds :( i was kinda expecting a GIANT free flowing fountain of chocolate i think. ...oh well. one can only dream.

Next race...Winter Warm-up 6k on Dec. 1st!

yes, those are John Deere tractors...

sweet friend driving me 45 min into the city!

free samples of chocolate and hot chocolate at the expo...YES!

pre-race fuel. nothin' betta.

can we pretend that this is  REAL hot chocolate??