Wednesday, September 18, 2013

yoga wednesdays and dark runs.

I have been doing yoga off and on since i was about 14! ( yes, my mom drove me and picked me up, so what?) and i have always viewed yoga as a great stress reliever and an opportunity for much needed stretching. I'm not very persistent on stretching before/after runs or even in general, so yoga allows me to focus on spending a whole of doing just that!

There are many different types and practices of yoga, however I have really enjoyed Vinyasa Yoga, more commonly known as flow or power yoga. It is a little faster moving sequence than your normal yoga class. I absolutely LOVE my yoga teacher as well....she really understands that everyone's needs are different in the class, everyone's levels are different, and that's O.K. she also focuses a lot on breathing, which is so important for any type of exercise that you may be involved in.  she also plays really cool and unique music.

Last night Rachel, my running buddy, and I ventured out into the dark to run. we both have really busy schedules, so by the time we are ready to exercise it is normally dark. --side note---can't wait for daylight savings time!!--

i know, i know, "running in the dark is not safe". :you are going to get run over by a car". "someone is going to snatch you!" i know all these things exist, so i try to do my best to be as visually as possible during these dark runs.

this is the result. headlamp + reflector vest + glow garmin watch + plus iphone + running buddy= safe jordan.

do you think i could have run with anymore things connected on me? 


  1. Jordan keep up the running, and check these out for your night runs!

    1. Michael...these are AWESOME. totally getting some!!!!

  2. Ha, your night running gear looks like you are ready to run a relay race! That looks awesome!!