Tuesday, November 12, 2013

night running

There is just something so freeing about running at night. night meaning 6:30 :(

Last night it took a while for me to get motivated to go. it was dark and cold, and i just felt like getting in my pjs and staying in. butttt i went out.

once i get going in the dark, i LOVE it. its just the first step, getting out of the door that's the hardest. esp when its just me. I've added this product to my Christmas list to be included for my night running wardrobe.

Brooks Women's Nightlife Essential LS 1/2 Zip

Anyone have it? Or have something better? Just looking for a reflective jacket to wear in those dark cold winter runs.

I also really want these...for my running dog Gus :)

Reflective Dog Vest


  1. I have four pieces of Brooks Nightlife: 2 long sleeve shirts, one short sleeve, and a vest. I also have some reflective slap bracelets that can be put on ankles or wrists or shoes.

    But this year I am adding a little blinking LED light after our coaches on my training team encouraged us to try to make ourselves visible BEFORE the light of headlights catch on us. I haven't gotten the thing yet, but am hoping it won't be too annoying to have clipped to me.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I'll def. check those out! I've seen other runners with the blinking LED light...let me know how it is and I might be interested in adding that as well :)