Friday, August 16, 2013

week 2...running with dogs.

week 2 of pre-training is just about finished! I still have to run today and tomorrow. but that's totally manageable.

I can already tell a difference in how i feel just by exercising again and esp. running. I feel more accomplished, a better release of energy, and get better sleep.

I'm a little ready to move onto week 3..getting transitioned into some little longer runs, and a little more mileage. baby steps. i have to remember that.

Last night I was able to run with my boyfriend's dog, Gus. He is my new favorite running buddy because he will not leave me in the dust :) and I can make sure he can get his energy out too. Hopefully he will be able to run some of my longer, late night runs in the fall. I think a purchase of a doggie reflector vest is in my future.

Tucker ( my dog) was VERY jealous when we had to leave him at home. Poor doggie was cursed with short legs like his mom. his is not the ideal running buddy. but don't worry, he got in his walk before.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back in the saddle again :)

Well it's been almost a year since my last post....that's just CRAZY! You can tell blogging hasn't been on my top priorities lately. Balancing a new job, boyfriend, family, friends, and not to mention RUNNING has been difficult...but i'm back at it.

The last half marathon I ran was back in April: the rainy Country Music Marathon. It was a flood. but i'm so glad i did it and its over with, until next April. I took a little hiatus from running after April. Training for a race can be so time consuming and can really turn into more of an obligation than a hobby...and i did not want running to become that for me. so, i took a break. a nice long break :)

but it didn't last long. 

Running has always been an outlet for me. it makes me feel better emotionally and physically. i notice a change when i'm not active (esp. in my waist line). i don't like feeling sluggish, having pent up energy at the end of the day, and feeling restricted in my clothes. so, i'm at it again. starting from scratch because i have plenty of time before my next race. 

I signed up for the Little Rock Half Marathon on March 2nd. 3 things i think i'm going to like about this race: 

1. the HUGE medal
2. the flat course
3. cool weather

also, this will be my first half marathon not in the state of Tennessee! WOO HOO! 
So, this week marked the start of the slow but steady 29 week training schedule that I have formed. I based my training schedule off of  the Little Rock Marathon Training  a great FREE program that anyone can access.

I won't be able to post everyday like before, but expect to see updates on a weekly basis from me :)

Here's a little peak of what the last 9 months have looked for me.