Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend I met up the rest of my fam in Dallas, TX. For my dad's birthday we decided to buy him tickets to the Rangers baseball game. Super fun stadium and was a bit toasty though. Got a killer shorts tan from the games. I think the high ended up being 97? yikes!

here's the AWESOME seats he picked out. no zoom, no nothin'!

Even though we were on " vacation" my dedicated mom and I worked-out! On Saturday we hit up the 24 hr gym and got on the bike for a bit and then did some weights. I introduced my mom to the foam roller...she liked it!

On Sunday we decided to get up early and run outside on the joggers trail right by our hotel. It was a nice little trail right by the pond/lake. It was about 2 mi.and was nestled between the Rangers ball park and the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

even though we got up was still hot. buttttt we finished! and then enjoyed the club member bfast bar which included yummy fruit, coffee, and granola! we really wanted the muffins/donuts, but we were good and by-passed them. :(

we also tried something new this weekend....alligator! taste like chicken.

This week/weekend is going to be challenging because I have lots of friends/visitors staying with me this week! Going to try to get my work-outs in during the morning though, so I can spend time with them!....then Friday I'm going to the beach!!! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Hope everyone had a great week! Looks like the weekend here in Nash is going to be a scorcher. 90's temp all weekend. guess that means early morning and late evening runs!

Week 3 of training is going pretty well (my week ends on Sunday). I'm going to do a 3 mile run tonight ( when it cools down) and then a 4 mi on Sunday. I'm excited to finally be getting in some longer (ish) runs on my training. I feel like i honestly don't get warmed-up/in the zone until mile 3, so these 2 and 2.5 mi runs have not been very fun for me. But they say slow and steady wins the race right? or at least the training race. :)

Looks like I've started to break the plateau! I don't want to jinx it, but I've seen some changes this week! Hopefully this will keep up for a few more weeks? Please?

Ok so here they are! This week's Friday Favorites:

1. Think Thin Bars
The Chunky Peanut Butter one is my fav. I swear it taste exactly like a Reece's cup. no lie.
I like these bars because they have NO sugar in them and are high in protein ( about 20g!). They really fill you up....promise. They usually run around 6 WW pts if you do that. They have TONS of flavors, but I've only tried the peanut butter, brownie crunch, and chocolate fudge.

2. Champion Women's Sleeveless Athletic Top from Target.

I currently have about 3 of these in my closet and love them! You know those super tight workout tanks that ride up the minute you move?...ya these AREN't those! I always have trouble finding work-out tops for the summer because I like something that I don't have to pull down every 5 seconds. I have finally found it! These are def. going to be my go-to work out tops for those hot running days. I think they are like $12.99 at Target too? steal.

3. Mio Liquid Water Enhancer

it's like Crystal lite...but not! totally zero down the whole nutritional facts and makes drinking those 8 glasses of water easier! They have all sorts of flavors...I've only tried the strawberry watermelon and sweet tea ones though. Super small and easy to throw in your purse or desk at work! I drink it in the afternoon to change it up a bit! I also don't think it has that " weird after taste" that some artificial water enhancers have.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the feet.

Alright fellow runners...need some input/advice!

Over the last couple of weeks my feet have been giving me some issues and I'm not sure why. I'm going to map it out for y'all to make it easier.

- soreness/hurting on the bottoms of the foot.
-no heel pains or pains in toes, just soreness in the heel area, arch, and balls of feet
-hurts with shoes and without shoes (any kind of shoe)
-hurts during the day and a bit while exercising
- no sharp pains, just overall soreness

I know it's not..( or at least i think).:
-new shoes because i had my old ones checked out and i bought a new pair on Monday and my feet have been hurting for a few weeks
- that I'm tracking a TON of miles..because I'm not ha.
- type of shoes..i have mizuno's and have been fitted for them
-i don't have flat feet or incredible high arches

Do I need...:
- to suck it up and just stretch a certain part of my foot?
-sole inserts? ( never had to have a pair before!)
-keep off my feet? I feel like I'm not really on them that much a day tho...
-focus on a certain type of stretch?
- to not ever wear sandals again?? ( please say NO!!!)
-ice everyday? ( i iced on Monday and didn't feel any real difference)

Help a fellow runner out because self-diagnosing myself  over the Internet has caused me to think i have cancer or something of the like...! (just kidding of course)

P.s. I'm getting a pedicure that might just cure everything! ;) I wouldn't mind if that was the remedy every couple of weeks.

Have you ever had this issue with your feet?

What helped?....please don't say quit running!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hey girl...

my roomie sent this to me yesterday and I got a kick out of it! Hope you enjoy this on your Tuesday morning :) These are just a few of my favorites. You can find them all here

Monday, May 21, 2012

the dreaded plateau

oh how I loathe thee.

These past 4 weeks have been a tough time in my weight loss journey. I've been at a stand still on trying to move the number on the scale down. Every week...same number. I know that the number on the scale shouldn't matter and shouldn't be the number 1 factor, but a little confirmation helps! So, this week I'm kickin' it up a notch.


-drink more h20....i usually average about 72 oz a day
-no cheating on foods ( i.e, having snacks that i shouldn't and not counting them into my daily intake)
-working out in the morning ( kick-starting my energy since I basically sit for 8 hrs straight at the desk)
-making sure I'm getting enough vegetables ( i usually do better with fruits)
-working out hard...I've been putting out so-so energy lately
-eating a different variety of foods ( changin' it up!)

maybe these will help kick-start something? hope so!

I think everyone hits plateau's in their's just part of it! You can't expect to be wonder man/wonder women and hit every goal just like that. Plateau's offer you 2 choices: quit or work harder. I'm choosing to work harder. find inspiration. dig deep.

Have you ever been in a plateau?

What helped you get out of it?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites!

This week has honestly been a blur. SO thankful it's FRIDAY! For this week's edition of Friday Favorites I wanted to focus on all things outside! It has been b-e-a-utiful weather here and I've spent a lot of evenings enjoying the outdoors.

1. Outdoor Gardening

I've really enjoyed my patio pots this season and glad to see they are still alive. In this one I've got basil, mint, and cherry tomatoes! I love to use the basil for tomato + mozzarella salads, the mint for iced tea and mojitos and the tomatoes for snacking! It's so nice to just sit on this back porch and smell the herbs. Can't wait for the tomatoes to come in!

and here's the beautiful Lilly that I planted for my roomie! Starting to bloom!

2. Grilling

I got my grill about a year ago and i'm in loovveee. Whoever says a woman can't use a grill is dumb, because I use mine just about every night in the summer. It's super easy and healthy. Some of my favorite things to grill are: chicken, fresh corn on the cob ( with fresh basil butter!), squash, asparagus, and pineapple! yum.

3. Chillin'

I just got this cute lil' bistro set from target this past weekend on sale! $75 total. what a steal. I really think it makes the space. it's nice to sit out on the front porch and see all the neighbors walk by.

Tucker is totally eating it up too because we can now watch him while he is tied to the tree in the front yard.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

no one cares about indigo.

Just registered for The Color Run 5k in Nashville! If you are not familiar with this race, check it out! I have not done it before but it looks awesome. How can it not be with colors spraying you every mile of the race? It just looks like a big rave party. suppperrr fun. I decided to create a team for this fun little event. what is better than a little team spirit? Our team name is " no one cares about indigo"....get it? like as in the one ever remember indigo! i think I'm a little too excited.too bad i have to wait till OCTOBER.

This run is going to be supppperrr special because my one and only roomie is doing this as her first 5k! I'm so proud of her for taking the plunge and joining the crazy runner club. She's going to rock it.

So, for this run I also want these cool socks from Proud Runner

How fun would those be to wear on the Color Run???
Yo Momma is giving away a free pair to 1 lucky reader and I really hope I get selected! I would love to try them out!

On another note I had an interesting experience on my short run last night...a bug flew right in my eye.


I was not happy. If you know me, you know how paranoid I am about touching my eyes/things being in my eye. Good thing I was on a quiet neighborhood street because I freaked out when it happen. I usually wear sunglasses when I run but decided at the last minute not to last night. of course.
 I guess I'm lucky in didn't go into my mouth?

Are you registered to run the Color Run 5k?

What do you think about the socks? FUN!?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dance parties.

Week 1....check!

One of my goals during this training period was to get some different types of activities in (aka Cross-training). It's great to be able to get out and run a few miles everyday but sometimes your body just needs a change up. and to work different muscles.

Saturday I decided to go to the gym to get my cross-training on. I was hesitate about it, but I jumped on the stationary bike. I usually don't enjoy the bike that much because I always feel like I can't reach the pedals....but this one had a TV and FAN attached to it, so i figured I could give it a try.

Best. Decision. Ever.  I got to watch Sex and the City and work-out. I will be adding the bike into my cross-training activities more often! oh and I was able to text/e-mail at the same time as working out! added bonus.

I also tried to lift a few weights and do some core work...let's just say I was very sore on Sunday/Monday. I've got to start doing more of that.

I also attended a lovely wedding on Saturday evening and even worked a little cross-training in on the dance floor. Whoever tells you that dancing is not an activity is crazy. I definitely got my heart rate up, let go of some built up frustration, and had a BLAST.

no idea what that spot is on my dress...probably sweat.

Speaking of dancing...i love Zumba. Zumba is a great dance class full of Latin inspired moves. I go every Monday night at our local Y and it is sooo much fun. It's usually just a bunch of women who like to have fun! It's a work-out lemme tell ya. The best don't even realize that 60 min has gone by!  and also the music. i personally enjoy the top 40 ish songs and the gansta Latin songs that are in Spanish and i have no idea what they are saying. my favorite.

don't worry....we actually wear shirts in zumba and have our hair pulled back.

What is your favorite Cross-training activity?

Have you tried Zumba???

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Week 1 of the training schedule is almost in the bag. Went on a pretty good run last night of 2.5 miles. While I was running I was thinking " How did I ever run 13.1 miles when I can barely run 2 tonight!" It's amazing how quickly you can get off your running schedule. Hoping next week will be a bit easier! However, the weather was auh-mazing. 70's, sun was going down, and just a little bit of a breeze.

Alright here's my Friday Favorites!

1. Mizuno Running Shoes

These are the Mizuno Women's Wave Alchemy 11 Running Shoes and I LOVE them. I have had 3 pairs and every pair is very easy to run in and light weight. It's important that when you are running/exercising to have a shoe that fits properly. Running in a shoe that does not provide proper support can be detrimental for your feet...causing more problems in the long run. I know these shoes shoes are not very budget friendly but they are WORTH it. Trust me. To find a perfect running shoe that fits your needs, I suggest going into a local footwear shop and be properly fitted for your shoe. These guys are SO helpful and analyze how you run in order to find what you need in a shoe.

**Word of advice...DON'T pick a shoe out because of its color/style. Unfortunately with nice running shoes the old saying " you get what you get, and your don't throw a fit" wins**

I suggest The Athlete's House in Nashville! Super nice folks.

2. PRO Compression Trainer Socks

Trainer Low White (2-Pair)

 I just got these  a week ago and I am obsessed with them! They are a compression sock which offers lightweight construction, a stabilizer zone ( which increases comfort and provides lots of support), and moisture control. These socks are great for running, walking, or just everyday wear. They are supposed to fit a little tighter on your foot.

3. Ben and Jerry's Frozen Greek Yogurt I know this has nothing to do with running, but it's SOO good I couldn't resist adding it. I am currently on this flavor, Banana Peanut Butter, and I'm lovin' it. It's not too bad for you either since it contains Greek yogurt. I think its 1/2 cup for 5 WW not terrible. It is really worth a try though, esp. if you are needing a little something sweet.

What is your favorite Ice Cream Treat?

Do you have a favorite pair of running shoes/socks?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little pampering....

When I first started my new lifestyle of running and eating better, I had to make some goals and incentives! In my mind I have to have something that I'm working towards, whether it be a check-list, a treat, or a new pair of shoes (!).

So me and my mom came up with a few treats!

Every time you work out put $3 in a jar! I NEVER have cash, but I've made it a habit of going to the bank once a week and requesting about $15 in $1's so that I have it on hand. Once the jar gets a little full, I treat myself to something I've been wanting! For instance: FroYo, mani/pedi, new Loft outfit, etc.

I like to use a mason jar so I can SEE the $$$. plus its retro chic.

Since I am using running as a tool to become more healthy and to lose a few lbs. I decided to do an extra special treat for every 10 lbs I lost. A MASSAGE! So special to me. I've only have a few in my life and they are the essential treat for muscle pain and stress relief. I received 1 so far! ( yes that means I've lost 10 lbs!! WOO!) and it was by far the best feeling on my feet/legs. Nowadays you can find some great deals on Groupon for a 60-min massage! I suggest Adagio in Nashville.

You get to get in a big comfy robe, have a lil' mimosa, and then a little sweet treat at the end! Perfect little treat.

The last incentive is a bit more practical. In my room I have printed out my training schedule and put it on my bulletin board. Every time I finish a work-out, I go over to my handy-dandy schedule and check-off the activity with a fun pen color ( bright pink ). This helps me physically and mentally " check" off what I accomplished today.It also helps to see my progress and mentally gear up for what I have left to do!

What do you use as motivation?

Any special treats that I should try?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Round 2!

After much debate and deliberation, I have decided to start my own running blog! I have been so inspired by reading other runners posting about their runs, training, STRUGGLES,FOOD and just general life, that I thought to myself....I should do join the club. Why the heck not?

-I am not a writer.
-there will probably be MANY typos/spelling errors/made-up words, etc. Please be kind.
-I am NOT in any means a professional runner...just something i like to do/goal/strive for!

I am currently training for my 2ND half-marathon! After training and completing my 1st half (Country Music Marathon) I decided to keep going.

A little background about me...

-i HATE running. I have always been a team sports kind-of-girl and its been a struggle learning how to just run for the heck of it.
-Running is the only exercise i have found that works EVERY muscle in your body! It has been amazing to feel such a difference in the way I feel after 12 weeks of training.
-i am using running as a tool for weight-loss and exercise as well as overall health. I have lost about 10 lbs so far!
-i have a tendency to run while i sing...especially if it is a current "top 20" song. A girl's got to have fun!
-i have a 3 year old rescue dog named Tucker that i LOVE.  If he could run the 13.1 miles with me...he would.

I plan to post every couple of days so stay tuned!